Mid-Term Report Meeting by Faculty of Education - Affiliated Schools

Gifu University Faculty of Education - Affiliated Junior High School and Elementary School held the Mid-Term Report Meeting on June 16 and 23, 2018.

The themes of the meetings were: "Children capable of pursuing studies on their own initiatives" (for the Elementary School), "Students who can ride over the turbulent new era - creation of new curriculum that connects schools and communities" (for the starting year). Teachers, educational staff and students within and outside of Gifu Prefecture attended the meetings, and shared their thoughts for better education while observing the classes open to them.

Professor Manabu Tamura of Kokugakuin University (former inspector for schools of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: MEXT) was invited to the affiliated schools as a special guest on June 23, and spoke about the theme "Proactive and Dialogue-Driven Learning."

More than 1,600 teachers, educators and students participated in the meetings and engaged in active talks and discussions about school education.

(Elementary School) Six-year student
arithmetic class
(Elementary School) Second-year student
national language class
(Elementary School) Four-year student
art class
1年生音楽「はくをかんじて リズムを打とう」の様子
(Elementary School) First-year student
music class
(Junior High School) Third-year student
technology and home economics class
(Junior High School) Third-year student
social studies class
(Junior High School) Third-year student
mathematics class
(Junior High School) Third-year student
English class
Scene of the session
Scene of the session


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