The 4th Press Conference by the President in AY 2018

The 4th Press Conference by the President in AY 2018 was held on June 20, 2018.

First, President Hisataka Moriwaki introduced the new Gifu University English Center, which opened in April 2018, and explained its role in Gifu University's Future Vision Toward 2025. Vice President Satoshi Ema, Executive Director for Academic and Affiliated School Affairs, gave a summary of the background and the purpose of the Center. This was followed by a presentation by Associate Professor David Barker, director of the center, concerning the new system, the educational philosophy, and the distinctive features of the program.

Dr. Barker explained that the philosophy of the Gifu University English Center is focused on coordination, development, and management. In addition, the educational program is based on three basic principles--1) promoting different methodologies from those used in senior high school English classes, 2) setting clear, concrete goals, and 3) providing a 15-week intensive curriculum for each course that will bring tangible results in enhancing students' language skills. Under these principles and policies, the center offers students a campus-wide unified English program. Over the course of the 60-lesson program, students will study speaking, listening, reading and writing. The content of each of those classes is closely intertwined with the others in order to maximize the development of students' overall English proficiency. "We focus on students' practical use of English rather than imparting basic knowledge about its structure," said Dr. Barker.

The English Center teachers meet every Thursday to discuss ways to develop the English program further. In addition, the Center provides English support services via a program called "English Xtra" to students, teachers, and administrative staff of the university.

Gifu University is setting its sights on boosting students' English proficiency by providing classes which can really meet the needs of students and employers. The new English center is our educational base for achieving that goal.

President Moriwaki explaining the Gifu University's Future Vision
Toward 2025
Dr. Barker speaking about the English Center


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