4th Farm Animal Hygiene Technology Reviewing Session

4th Farm Animal Hygiene Technology Reviewing Session was held at the Gifu Prefectural Livestock Hygiene Service Center (within Gifu University) on January 30, 2018 under the title, "Survey on Improvement of Hida Beef Breeding Management." At the beginning of the session, Associate Professor Yasuhiro Takashima of the Joint Development of Veterinary Medicine of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences delivered a keynote speech, "Survey on Fasciola Hepatica Infection in Wild Animal." Dr. Kayoko Matsuo (veterinary doctor) of Hida Regional Livestock Hygiene Service Center also gave her speech, "Survey on Fasciola Hepatica Infection at Beef Cow Farm."

Gifu University will continue to pursue the progress in Japanese livestock business and training of farm animal veterinary doctors in accordance with the following objectives:
・Increase the number of students interested in farm animal through livestock hygiene education, and jointly-operating lectures and experience-oriented training with Gifu Prefecture
・ Contribute to local community by enhancing the level animal hygiene by promoting joint research activities

GeFAH*1 (Director: Professor Yasuo Inoshima of Joint Department of Veterinary Medicine of Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University) reinforces partnership with Gifu Prefecture and will expand it into Chubu Region to become a core base for animal hygiene education and research.

GeFAH was established in April 2015 in an effort to promote animal hygiene education and research in cooperation with Gifu Prefecture. Its major operations include: 1) animal hygiene education, 2) academic research on livestock diseases and 3) disease control and health promotion of livestock. GeFAH has Livestock Disease Control Division and Livestock Breeding and Hygiene Management Divison.

Gifu Prefectural Livestock Hygiene Service Center and its affiliated research center were relocated into Gifu University in June 2017. Practical training rooms, laboratories and analysis rooms of GeFAH are all on the 3rd floor of the building where integration of education and research have been actively promoted these days.

GeFAH*1 Education and Research Center for Food Animal Health, Gifu University

Scene of the session
Scene of the session
GeFAH logo mark, made up of a circle indicating
"Regional Collaboration."


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