3rd Gifu Nice Rice Project 2017: Gifu Nice Rice is presented to FC Gifu members

Gifu University presented 40kg of "Gifu Nice Rice" to the members of Gifu Football Club (FC Gifu) on December 8, 2017. The rice was jointly cultivated and harvested by the FC Gifu members, school children, their parents, Gifu University students and the staff under the "Gifu University and FC Gifu Partner Agreement for Environmental Conservation."

In the Gifu Nice Rice Project, Gifu University staff and FC Gifu members work together in rice production from planting through sale so that they become more aware of ideal environment for rice cultivation and conservation issues.

In this project, elemental school students plant rice seedling in the first stage called "Parent-Children Rice Planting & Soccer Game in Muddy Field," and then they harvest rice in the second stage of "Harvesting," and in the final, third stage, FC Gifu members are presented with the rice. The rice,"Hatsushimo," is one of the famed rice varieties of Gifu Prefecture and is named "Gifu Nice Rice." Every process of rice production from raising seedling to packing is conducted within the campus.

On December 8, five students of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences and the university staff visited the FC Gifu soccer stadium and presented the rice to Mr. Takeshi Oki, FC Gifu coach and Mr. Tsubasa Aoki, FC Gifu player with a word of encouragement for a victory in the tournament next year.

Mr. Aoki expressed his gratitude by saying, "I joined the rice harvesting last year and came to know how hard it is to produce rice. Instead of taking time and energy spent by rice farmers for granted, I would like to enjoy the rice very much, and we will do our best to meet the expectations of our fans and people in Gifu and win the next tournament. With big smiles, the students replied, "Please score as many goals as possible by eating "Hatsushimo" rice.

In the 3rd Gifu Nice Rice Project 2017, many people enjoyed interacting with nature to their fullest and the event turned out to be a great opportunity for people in giving a serious thought to the environment through "rice," and collaborative environment projects between Gifu University and FC Gifu.

"Gifu Nice Rice" was also presented to the elementary school students who participated in the rice planting as a token of gratitude. The rice is also sold at a sales store in the Yanagido Farm of Gifu Field Science Center, Gifu University

Commemorative photo
Mr. Oki and Mr. Aoki receiving "Gifu Nice Rice"


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