Completion Certificate Ceremony for "ISO14001 Internal Environmental Auditor Training Course"

The Completion Certificate Ceremony for "ISO 14001 Internal Environmental Auditor Training Course" was held at the Office of President on November 29, 2017. The ceremony was attended by President Hisataka Moriwaki, Mr. Masaki Yokoyama, Executive Director for General Affairs and Finance, Professor Osamu Sakurada (Faculty of Engineering) who serves as chief environment manager and Associate Professor Tomonori Iwama (Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences) serving as deputy chief environment manager.

All facilities of Gifu University excluding the University Hospital have already obtained ISO 14001 Certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, and volunteer university staff and students carry out ISO 14001 internal environmental auditing every year. In internal auditing, they check whether the university's environmental management system is operated in compliance with ISO 14001 standard or not.

In the training course, the participating students were first given a briefing on ISO 14001 standard, and received training about the internal auditing. They later joined actual internal auditing with the university staff. Lastly, they expressed their opinions from their own perspectives about environmental protection.

At the ceremony, President handed out a certificate to each student who have completed the training. In the following opinion exchange, some of the students stated, "It is quite a precious opportunity for me to get to know more about the university's environmental policies and activities." "We need to make more efforts to raise students' awareness about the training course." In return, President gave the following encouragement: "We are all responsible for continuing the efforts to protect our environment. Please help your juniors take over your mission and commit themselves to environmental conservation activities."

Gifu University wishes for further expansion of ISO 14001-related programs/projects by the staff and students in the future.

Group photo (far left in the front row: President Moriwaki, far right: Mr. Yokoyama
Meeting with the President


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