International Month 2017: Special Lecture "Basic Infrastructure Building Study at GU and Scientific Research"

As part of International Month 2017, a special lecture titled "Basic Infrastructure Building Study at GU and Scientific Research" was held at Gifu University auditorium on November 16, 2017. Dr. Li Zandong of China Agricultural University was invited to the university to give a keynote speech.

Dr. Li completed her study of poultry and livestock science at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Gifu University in March 1985, and she is now a world-class scientist in the field of genetic engineering.

In her speech, she spoke about why she chose Gifu as her destination of studying from 1982, memories about her supervisors and her former classmates in Gifu University. She also talked about her impressions about Gifu and many wonderful, fascinating aspects of Japan.

After the lecture, many wrote positive comments on the questionnaires: "I am pleased to know that Dr. Li loves Japan and Gifu very much." "She seems to enjoy talking, and she got her love for Gifu across to all of us." People came to know Dr. Li's special affection for Japan and Gifu.

Gifu University hopes that international students who are studying at the university follow in the footsteps of Dr. Li, lead a fulfilling campus life and succeed in a wide range of fields in the future.

Dr. Li Zandong
A participant asking a question


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