International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC)

United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) and Graduate School of Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia hosted International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC) in Indonesia from October 24 to 26, 2017. The conference has been organized by Sebelas Maret University since 2016 with the theme, "a global-scale climate change." Its main objective is to share the latest information about research on environmental degradation and its countermeasures as well as government and private organizations' initiatives. UGSAS, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Indonesian Government have been co-sponsoring the conference since 2016.

On September 24, Indonesian government officials delivered keynote speeches, which was followed by the presentations of twelve guest speakers from overseas, and they introduced the latest research activities to the audience. From UGSAS, two professors gave speeches. Associate Professor Takeo Onishi made a speech titled, "Evaluation of climate change and land cover change impacts on water quality of the Ise Bay and its watershed." Assistant Professor Keigo Noda made a presentation titled, "Effects on Climate Change and Socio-economic Change to Sediment Yield - A case of Upper Citarum River Basin."

On September 25, the participants joined an excursion and visited the Javanese calico printing studio and Sangiran UNESCO World Heritage Site (an archaeological excavation site where the first fossil Java men were discovered).

On the final day of September 26, a total of 60 speakers delivered speeches at three different conference sites, and approximately 170 people attended the session. Active opinion exchange between speakers and the audience continued for some time after the speech sessions.

 Please access: ICCC Web page for more details

Associate Professor Onishi delivering a speech
Assistant Professor Noda delivering a speech
Scene of the conference site
Group photo


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