New Agreement with Karlsruhe University of Education, Germany

The Faculty of Education, Gifu University and Karlsruhe University of Education, Germany signed the Agreement on Faculty Exchanges in 2015 in order to promote systematic and consistent researcher exchange and information sharing for teaching staff development and educational research activities. To further elevate the relationship, the new Agreement on Student and Faculty Exchanges was concluded between the two universities on October 26, 2017.

The signing ceremony held at Karlsruhe University of Education, was attended by President Klaus Peter Rippe, Vice President Ursula Wöll and Vice Dean Mutfried Hartmann. Gifu University delegates represented by Professor Naotake Iketani, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Professor Yosuke Matsunaga also of the Faculty of Education participated in the ceremony. On behalf of the two universities, President Rippe and Professor Iketani gave their signatures to the agreement. During the ceremony, Associate Professor Tetsushi Kawasaki of the Faculty of Education and a liaison at Gifu University for Karlsruhe spoke to the attendees via teleconference. Teleconference sessions were often held between the two universities for research exchange since the conclusion of the agreement in 2015. After the signing, active discussions among attendees continued for some time. They talked about distinctive aspects of each university and exchange programs to be implemented in the near future.

With the signing of new agreement on student and faculty exchanges, it is expected that research on class operations and joint development of educational materials accelerated through robust interactions will also have a positive impact on future student exchange, resulting in building a new educational framework incorporating global and regional insights.

Professor Iketani (left) and President Rippe (right) giving their
Commemorative photo (from left: Vice Dean Hartmann,
Vice President Wöll President Rippe, Professor Iketani,
Professor Matsunaga, Mr. Okamoto, student of Graduate
School of Education, Gifu University and Ms. Kratkey, student
of Karlsruhe University of Education)
Image of the signing ceremony via teleconferencing


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