Mr. Ryoichi Akamatsu, a Fourth-Year Student of the Faculty of Education wins First Prize at Male High Jump Category

Mr. Ryoichi Akamatsu, a fourth-year student of Physical Education Course, Faculty of Education won first prize at the male high jump category (221cm) at 86th Emperor's Cup for Japan Student Athletics Interscholastic Championships (Japan Intercollegiate Track & Field Games) at the Athletics Stadium of Fukui Undo Exercise Park, Fukui Prefecture held from September 8 to 10, 2017.

In this championship, track and field clubs of universities across Japan compete with one another by university. Individual players and teams also compete for better performances by each sport event. The Emperor's Cup goes to a male winner and the Princess Chichibu Cup goes to a female winner. Mr. Akamatsu won first prize at the male high jump category for the two consecutive years.

Mr. Akamatsu and Assistant Professor Ryohei Hayashi, the university's track & field club coach, paid a courtesy call on President Hisataka Moriwaki at the Office of President on September 20. Mr. Akamatsu reported his wining to the president and said, "I had enough confidence about my winning this time because I worked very hard to be in top form for this championship. Continuous concentration on my performance throughout the competition could have resulted in my victory this time." President honored his great achievement and said, "You tried the hardest while taking full advantage of time and resources available to you. I look forward to seeing your remarkable performance at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Mr. Akamatsu who will compete at the 72nd National Sports Festival Ehime Prefecture in October, also expressed his determination: "I want to do my utmost for Gifu Prefecture by producing the best record possible even among many record holders."

Please join us to wish him the best of luck!

Commemorative photo(from left: President Moriwaki,
Mr. Akamatsu and Assistant Professor Hayashi)


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