The 4th Gifu University Delivery Lecture 2017, "Regional Recreation and Community Building"

The 4th Gifu University Delivery Lecture 2017 was held at Gifu University Hayano Residence Seminar House in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture on September 16.

Professor Koichi Togashi of the Faculty of Regional Studies talked about the regional recreation project in Ikeda Town, Gifu Prefecture under the title of "Regional Recreation and Community Building." In his lecture, he introduced the activities of "community-building studio" of the town. The former Ikeno train station of Yoro line was converted to the studio for the promotion of regional revitalization.

After the lecture. the participants engaged in active discussions over the issues related to communities and regions for better future. It was a rainy day, but many people participated in the lecture and shared ideas about community recreation and community building.

The 5th lecture will be held on October 21, 2017.
Title: "Brainstorming Session for Earthquake Prevention: natural disasters in the past and challenges ahead"
Lecturer: Associate Professor Maki Koyama of the Organization for Research and Community Development
 Prior application is necessary for the lecture. Please contact the below for your participation.


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