JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists Screening Committee Prize AY 2016

Professor Nobuoto Nojima of the Faculty of Engineering was awarded Research Fellowship for Young Scientists Screening Committee Prize AY 2016 for Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

JSPS regularly examines research paper reviewing results produced by the Screening Committee members, and reflects them properly on members' selection for the following year. This practice aims to carry out Research Fellowship for Young Scientists programs for development and securing future researchers and scholars, and to implement international exchange activities for the promotion of academic globalization and researchers' mobility. From 2009, JSPS awards the Screening Committee members for their exemplary evaluation of individual research work based on their robust verifications. In 2016, approximately 1,500 members conducted the screening work. Among them, 158 members out of 600, who are in their second term, and are eligible for the prize, were awarded Research Fellowship for Young Scientists Screening Prize AY 2016. Professor Nojima is one of those who have the honor of receiving the prize.

The Commendation Ceremony was held at the Office of President on August 17, 2017. After President Hisataka Moriwaki handing the certificate to Professor Nojima, President gave him the following word of encouragement, "Receiving JSPS's Screening Committee Prize is one of the great achievements for our university. I hope Professor Nojima continues to play a leadership role in screening and evaluation of research papers. Professor Nojima replied, "Research paper screening is the basis for all the subsequent screening process. As a matter of fact, some of the papers were not the field of my study, thus very difficult to examine, but it was truly a great experience for me." After the ceremony, President Moriwaki and Professor Nojima enjoyed conversations concerning the current screening system and proper screening methods, etc. for some time.

The commendation ceremony
(from left: President Moriwaki and Professor Nojima)
Commemorative photo


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