Presentation by the Students of Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course in 2017

The International Student Center held the Student Presentation on Japanese Culture Studies at Gifu University Satellite Campus on August 6, 2017.

International students study the Japanese language and culture course at Gifu University for one year from October to August every year as state-funded students recommended by the embassies, their home universities or as exchange students from Gifu University's partner universities overseas. They study at the Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course at the International Student Center, and at the end of the course, they write theses to wrap up their studies. The themes of their theses are chosen by the students and under the instruction of their supervisors, and assisted by Japanese tutors (Gifu University students), they complete their theses.

A total of 4 international students made their presentations. They are from Korea, Sweden, Thailand and China who are enrolled as the 16th term students of the center.

The teaching and administrative staff, Japanese and international students of Gifu University as well as citizens came to listen to the presentations. The students spoke about a comparison between Japanese culture and that of their countries, etc. by showing slides. They later took questions from the audience and answered every question politely and in detail. Such exchange with the audience showed the students' accomplishment of their daily studies and research activities at Gifu University.

The students will attend the closing ceremony for their course study on August 22, and after returning to their countries, they will resume their study at their home universities. Many of the students who studied at Gifu University came back to Japan and continued their studies at Gifu University graduate schools or other universities, or to find employment. We all look forward to seeing them again and hope for their great success in the future.

The followings are the names of the speakers and the themes (in the order of making presentations)

  • Ms. Siriwat Kodchakorn (Thailand)
     "Different Approach to Makeup between Japanese and Thai Women"
  • Mr. Maarup Emil Peter (Sweden)
     "Behavior Pattern of Northern Europeans: What is Jante Law?"
  • Mr. Heo Junseok (Korea)
     "Korean's Image of Japan: Kanyangrok Record by Kang Hang"
  • Ms. Liang Xiao (China)
     "Japanese Greeting Words and Comparison with Chinese"
Presentation "Different Approach to Makeup"
Presentation "Jante Law"
Presentation "Greeting Words"
Group photo of international students and their tutors


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