Open Campus 2017

Gifu University held the Open Campus 2017 from August 8 through 10, 2017. A total of 6,724 people attended the event despite the approaching Typhoon No. 5 of this season. It was a huge success full of joy and excitements.

Each faculty staff introduced the courses and subjects, helped visitors have lecture and practical training experiences, offered them facility tours and explained the university's entrance examination, etc. In addition, the university students volunteered to guide people around the campus, opened a talk session between the university students and visitors. Through these activities, charm and attractions of Gifu University were conveyed to the visitors.

The senior high school students made the following comments about their impressions of the Open Campus; "I had a chance to attend some lectures which are quite different from the classes at my high school." "Unlike my high school, Gifu University has a huge campus with various facilities. I really look forward to studying at the university soon."

Some of the parents who accompanied their children said, "I hope my children study at the university with specific goals and purposes in mind. We expect that Gifu University guides and supports them to reach their goals and make achievements in their academic activities." The university staff felt a strong expectation from people toward Gifu University during this three-day open campus.

Thank you very much for your coming to the Open Campus 2017.

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