Professor Akiyoshi Takagi of the Faculty of Engineering is awarded Special Prize of the Infrastructure Technology Development Awards

Professor Akiyoshi Takagi of Environmental Studies Courses, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering was awarded the Special Prize of the 19th Infrastructure Technology Development Awards (of the Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering).

The Infrastructure Technology Development Awards are designed to motivate engineers to increase their skills and to raise the level of construction technology. These awards go to engineers who have developed new construction technologies. In addition, special awards go to people working for medium-and-small size companies, or construction experts who have produced innovative ideas or new techniques.

Professor Takagi has jointly developed the application called "Apri-Disaster Mitigation Class" with Mr. Yoshiro Azuma of Do It Yourself Inc. This application makes it possible for users to feel disaster-prevention drills more familiar and practical, and enables them to raise their awareness about disaster prevention and mitigation.

Professor Takagi reported his prize winning to President Hisataka Moriwaki on July 31, 2017. Under the instruction of Professor Takagi, President Moriwaki tried a "disaster mitigation test" by using the application.

Professor Takagi said to the President, "I hope people in local communities and schools become more informed about disaster-mitigation measures through various types of media (applications, papers, etc.)." President replied, "Gifu Prefecture has one of the most advanced disaster-mitigation measures in Japan, and I wish Professor Takagi continues to spearhead the drive of disaster mitigation and prevention for days to come."

President trying the application
Commemorative photo


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