The 4th Press Conference by the President for AY 2017

The 4th Press Conference by the President for AY 2017 was held on July 5, 2017.

First, President Hisataka Moriwaki spoke about "Gifu Seiryu Entrance Examination: Recruitment of Skilled Educational Personnel within Gifu Prefecture" in association with "Gifu University Future Vision Towards 2025." Afterward, Professor Naotake Iketani, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Professor Toshihiro Yamada, Vice Dean of the same faculty explained key changes and a summary of "Gifu Seiryu Entrance Examination," a new type of examination by recommendation introduced by the Faculty of Education in AY 2019. This new examination is introduced in order to redefine the mission of entrance examination, strengthen three academic prerequisites of students, develop a training course for school teachers, and increase a percentage of teacher population within the prefecture.

Key changes from the conventional Examination by Recommendation Type II include increase of student admission from the current 14 to 42. The new examination will be conducted for applicants of almost all courses of the Faculty of Education, and both individual and collective interviews are held at the time of examination. In addition, submission of study plans by students after admission becomes mandatory.
It is hoped that this new examination by recommendation will increase the number of people playing an active role in the field of education within Gifu Prefecture in the future.

President Moriwaki speaking about "Gifu University Future
Vision Towards 2025"
Professor Iketani and Professor Yamada explaining "Gifu Seiryu
Entrance Examination"


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