"Space Engineering Seminar"

The Center for Collaborative Study with Community kicked off a "Space Engineering Seminar" for senior high school and technical college students in Gifu Prefecture on June 24, 2017. Seventy two students studying space engineering participated in the seminar.

"Space Engineering Seminar" is parts of "Senior High School & University Partnership Program" of COC+*2 projects, and is jointly organized by Gifu Prefecture, Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefectural Board of Education and National Institute of Technology, Gifu College. The seminar includes lectures at each high school by teleconferencing and visit to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in Tokyo. The students can attend the most advanced space education during the seminar.

At the opening ceremony, President Hisataka Moriwaki of Gifu University said," I hope that the students here today are going to make a great contribution to further growth of aerospace industry in the future."

After the ceremony, a guest speaker, Mr. Nobuyuki Kubota of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Aerospace Company delivered a speech titled, "Space Development Project Pursued by Kawasaki Heavy Industries." Students in attendance were enthusiastically listening to his speech.

There are a total of nine seminars taught by Gifu University teachers and JAXA staff and also visit to JAXA.

*2 COC+: Center of Community Program for Local Revitalization of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).:

President Moriwaki giving an opening speech
Mr. Kubota speaking to the students


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