The 30th Summer School Program in 2017 Begins

The 30th Summer School Program in 2017 kicked off on June 28. The Summer School Program is a campus-wide program conducted under the supervision of the Gifu University Head Office for Glocalization (GHOGL), and the International Student Center is responsible for organizing and carrying out individual educational programs of the School.

The Summer School Program opens every year for the international students coming from Gifu University's partner universities overseas. The program includes a Japanese language classes and many Japanese culture experience activities such as pottery-making in Toki City, four-day homestay in Gujo City and observing cormorant fishing at Nagara River, Gifu Prefecture. It also includes an excursion to Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture to watch live sumo bouts. Within the university campus, yukata summer kimono lesson, a workshop of traditional "Noh" masked dance drama and "Kyogen" short comic drama, and a star festival party are hosted by the International Student Center.

The participants of the Summer School Program stay at the off-campus Extracurricular Seminar House (accommodation-cum-training facility) of Gifu University.
Gifu University student tutors also stay at the House and help the participants adjust themselves to life in Japan for about a month.

The International Student Center held an orientation, an opening ceremony and a welcome party for 18 participants on June 28. They are: two from University of Technology, Sydney, five from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, one from Northern Kentucky University, U.S.A., seven from The National University of Malaysia and three from Mokpo National University.

Dr. Fumiaki Suzuki, Executive Director for International Affairs and Public Relations and Director of GHOGL, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. In the welcome party, international students from two universities, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Mokpo National University, who are studying at Gifu University, and the Gifu University students who studied at UTS participated in the party. They soon enjoyed conversations in a friendly atmosphere.

The Japanese language classes started on the following day of June 29. It is expected that every participant of the 30th Summer School Program in 2017 will have a lot of fun and create a special memory of their own.

International students from five countries
Campus tour: in front of the University Library


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