Gifu Nice Rice Project: The 3rd Parent-Children Rice Planting & Soccer Game in Muddy Field is held

Gifu University held the 3rd "Parent-Children Rice Planting & Soccer Game in Muddy Field" at the Yanagido Farm of Gifu Field Science Center, the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University on May 28, 2017. This event is part of promotional activities of "Gifu University and Gifu Football Club (FC Gifu) Partner Agreement for Environmental Conservation."

The "Parent-Children Rice Planting & Soccer Game in Muddy Field" is part of "Gifu Nice Rice Project." In the project, Gifu University officials and FC Gifu members join hands from rice planting to rice sale so that people become more aware of ideal environment for rice cultivation and think deeply about environmental issues. This time, a total of 38 children from Gifu University Education Faculty Affiliated Elementary School and those from FC Gifu Soccer School attended the event.

First, Professor Shinya Oba, Director of the Gifu Field Science Center, spoke about rice seedlings and compost. While showing them to the children, he explained the differences of green rice seedlings and white albino mutation seedlings. He also referred to the use of cattle feces and animal carcass for compost. Children were surprised by his explanations and were all ears to what he had to say. Later, the children and their parents entered the muddy field. While letting out a big cheer, they began planting "Hatsushimo" rice seedlings at the word of command of staff.

Next, children were divided into four teams and played soccer games. Covered in mud, children were tirelessly chasing a ball caring nothing about falling to the mud.

During the event, children enjoyed catching frogs, harvesting onions and tasting vegetable soups made of crops harvested in the farm. This event gave a rare opportunity to the participants to be exposed to rich natural environment and all seemed very happy about this occasion.

In this Gifu Nice Rice Project, the participants and the FC Gifu members are scheduled to harvest the rice they planted this time, and some rice will be presented to the FC members and be sold at the farm in October under the name of "Gifu Umai" rice.

Children listening to Professor Oba
Participants planting seedlings
A total of 68 participants of rice planting including children and their parents
Children playing soccer in the mud


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