Gifu University Delivery Lecture (at Gifu University Hayano Residence Seminar House) continues in 2017

On January 21, 2017, the 5th (final) Gifu University Delivery Lecture for 2016 was held at Gifu University Hayano Residence Seminar House whose titled was "Landscape and Town" and lectured by Associate Professor Yoshifumi Demura of the Faculty of Engineering. Gifu University Delivery Lecture started in 2016 at the House to publicize the results of the university's educational research activities and to provide a place to learn to local residents.

All the planned five lectures were over on January 21, and twelve people who attended every lecture were given small commemorative gifts (Gifu University original goods) to honor their full attendance. A total of 173 people joined the lectures and many positive messages were found in the survey at every lecture. They read, "Lectures were easy to understand," "I am pleased that the lecture themes were quite inspiring and instructive to me."
Gifu University plans to hold eight delivery lectures in 2017 in response to growing demands from local residents.
Please see the lecture contents and the schedule at Gifu University website to be posted around mid-March 2017.

Gifu University would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to everyone who came to Gifu University Hayano Residence Seminar House for the delivery lectures in 2016. We look forward to your continued attendance in 2017.

The 5th lecture in session
We welcome your visit to Hayano Residence Seminar House in 2017.


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