"Gifu Prefectural Government Hot Line" TV Program (of Gifu Broadcasting System Inc. "Gifu Chan") is taped at Gifu University

On December 15, 2016, "Gifu Prefectural Government Hot Line" TV program was taped at Gifu University. "Gifu Prefectural Government Hot Line" is an evening information TV program of Gifu Broadcasting System Inc. ("Gifu Chan") introducing the newest events and activities of Gifu Prefectural Government, and many heartwarming topics coming from all corners of Gifu Prefecture.

On December 15, at the request of the Gifu Prefecture Election Administration Commission, activities of the "Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths (a volunteer group of Gifu University students)" for the Gifu Prefecture gubernatorial election in January 2017, and comments made by Associate Professor Noboru Tanaka of the Faculty of Education were taped for the program. Associate Professor Tanaka is supervising and giving advice to the members of "Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths."

The members of "Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths" assembled at Maruike Pond on campus, and called for the students to vote for the gubernatorial election by saying, "Let's make our voice heard to legislators" in loud voices. The camera crew and staff taped them when they were speaking to the students.

They also taped Associate Professor Tanaka making some comments on the youth voting rates in Japan and the western countries in addition to their political awareness in their respective countries.

Please refer to the below for the program details:
Name of TV Program: Gifu Prefectural Government Hot Line ("Gifu Chan")
Date of Broadcasting: From 18:53 to 18:57, Thursday, January 19, 2017
From 20:56 to 21:00, Sunday, January 22, 2017

Members are calling on the university students to
vote at Maruike Pond
Associate Professor Tanaka taking questions from a
reporter in his office
Everyone calling out to the students to vote


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