The 3rd UGSAS-GU & KU International Workshop is held

On November 28 and 29, 2016, the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) held "The 3rd UGSAS-GU & International Workshop" in Thailand in cooperation with Kasetsart University. The workshop started from 2014 for the purpose of globalization of Gifu University and promotion of exchanges with local businesses and industries. The management of the 3rd Workshop was supported by the OGAWA Science and Technology Foundation.

On November 28, under the theme of "Recent Microbiological Research for Food, Energy and Health," the workshop opened at Kasetsart University. The followings were the workshop program;
1. Dr. Masateru Senge, Dean of UGSAS gave opening remarks,
2. Professor. Dr. Supa Hannongbua, Dean of Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University and Dr. Fumiaki Suzuki, Executive Director for International Affairs and Public Relations, Gifu University delivered keynote speeches,
3. Professor Tohru Mitsunaga, Vice Dean of UGSAS introduced IC-GU 12* activities,
4. Three professors of UGSAS, Professor Hitoshi Iwahashi, Professor Shingo Kawai and Associate Professor Shinji Tokuyama made scientific presentations,
5. Four professors including Assoc. Prof. Vichien Kitpreechavanich of Kasetsart University made scientific presentations,
6. One student of UGSAS and three students of the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences reported their participation in the research internship program, and
7. Four Thai local company representatives introduced their business operations.

A total of 92 people were intently listening to the speeches and presentations and active opinion exchanges took place between the speakers and the audience. Information sharing in the field of microbiology and research discussions among master's degree students, researchers and local company representatives continued for some time. The first day of the workshop ended with a great success by offering people a venue for exchange for further globalization.

On November 29, the Gifu University delegation visited Kamphaeng Saen Campus of Kasetsart University in the suburb of Bangkok, and they were briefed on rice genetic resource, research on high-value-added new rice variety production at the Rice Gene Discovery and Rice Science Center. They were also invited to observe research equipment such as high throughput genetic analysis machine that the center owns. In the afternoon, they visited Thai Foods International Co., Ltd. There, Mr. Kotaro Nakajima, Factory Director of the company gave the delegation a company's overview and later, the delegation watched the video clip introducing the process of nucleic acid-based additive production. Lastly, the delegation joined a factory tour.

At Kamphaeng Saen Campus, the Gifu University delegation saw that the student dormitories and various facilities necessary for the students to stay are all situated within the campus. They observed that the ideal study environment is being created for the students first hand. At the factory inspection, the delegation was very impressed with the smart use of resources available in the neighborhood to achieve vigorous cost reduction.

*IC-GU12: "International Consortium of Universities in South and Southeast Asia for the Doctoral Education in Agricultural Science and Biotechnology", which was created at the initiative of Gifu University.

Dr. Suzuki giving a keynote speech
Professor Dr. Supa Hannongbua making a welcome speech
Professor Iwahashi making a scientific presentation
Question and answer session
Master's degree student reporting the internship
Group photo

Exchange of gift between Dr. Senge and
Prof. Assoc. Apichart Vanavichit
Inspection of the Rice Gene Discovery and Rice Science
Explanation of KU beef breed
Company overview by Mr. Nakajima


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