"Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths" and Gifu University are awarded by Gifu Prefecture Election Administration Commission

On November 30, 2016, the "Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths (a volunteer group of Gifu University students)" and Gifu University were given "The 24th Upper House Election Gifu Prefecture Election Administration Commission Award" from the Gifu Prefecture Election Administration Commission. The members of "Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths" made great contributions to clean election for the Upper House election held in July 2016, and their efforts were well recognized by the commission.

The members of "Raise Election Awareness among Gifu Youths" engaged in various election promotion campaign activities such as calling for the university students to go to the polling stations, and on the day of the election, they helped the establishment of Early Voting Station within Gifu University.

On December 13, the members reported their award-winning to the President Hisataka Moriwaki at the Office of President.

In the meeting with President, the members spoke about their election promotion activities, and said to the President, "We would like to continue our election promotion campaigns as hard as ever. To start with, we are focusing on the next gubernatorial election of Gifu Prefecture in January, 2017."

President Moriwaki gave the following words of encouragement to them: "We must know that we all have the rights to vote. We expect the members to expand their promotion activities in cooperation with other universities in the future."

Members reporting to the President
Group photo


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