Cooperation Agreement between Gifu University and Yoro Town

On October 14, 2016, Gifu University and Yoro Town, Gifu Prefecture signed a Cooperation Agreement. It aims to form and grow a lively community and contribute to develop human resources by building a comprehensive and close partnership in multiple fields, and deepening the relationship sustainably and extensively.

By the latest signing between Gifu University and Yoro Town, Gifu University now has cooperation agreements with 19 municipal governments.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Takashi Ohashi, Mayor of Yoro Town made this comment; "With a declining birth rate, aging of society and population outflow in mind, we expect Gifu University to play a major role in the fields of community-building, education, health and medicine. By strengthening ties with the university, we could go through days with significant change and dynamics." In response, President Hisataka Moriwaki said, "Yoro Town has a long history and is blessed with rich tourism resources. I will encourage Gifu University students to make proposals for establishment of "Yoro Brand" and community-building."

Gifu University and Yoro Town will continue to hold talks for a stronger partnership by carrying out all kinds of programs and projects. They include: providing unique childcare and development of education, establishment of "Yoro Brand" using regional resources, effective use of empty lands and empty houses, development of human resources for disaster prevention and community-building, and holding workshops for regional revitalization.

President Moriwaki (right) and Mr. Ohashi shaking hands after signing (click here for magnification)


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