The 2nd Gifu Nice Rice Project, "Rice Harvesting and Drying on a Rack"

On October 20, 2016, Gifu University held the 2nd Gifu Rice Project, "Rice Harvesting and Drying on a Rack" at the Yanagido Farm of Gifu Field Science Center, the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University. This event is part of promotional activities of a Gifu University and Gifu Football Club (FC Gifu) Partner Agreement for Environmental Conservation.

In this Gifu Nice Rice Project, Gifu University staff and FC Gifu members work together in rice production from planting through sale so that they become more aware of ideal environment for rice cultivation and conservation issues.

On October 20, Mr. Suzuki Castanheira Bruno Junichi (forward) and Mr. Tsubasa Aoki (midfielder) from FC Gifu were invited to this event, and 20 first-grade students of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, who are receiving practical training for field applied sciences, joined the two players.

They harvested rice called "Hatsushimo" which was planted by the elementary school children during the 1st Gifu Nice Rice Project, "Parent-Children Rice Planting and Soccer Game in Muddy Field" in May this year. "Hatsushimo" is one of the famed rice varieties of Gifu Prefecture.
The participants harvested rice under the instruction of Gifu Field Science Center staff on a beautiful sunny day. Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Aoki both experienced operating a combine harvester. Later, the participants tied the harvested rice grain in bundle and put it on a rack to dry. They harvested rice in the area of about 530㎡of the Farm.

After harvesting and drying, an autograph-signing session was held for the students and in this session, all students had a chance to speak to the players. Everyone had a great smile on their face with the autographed papers in hand.

Mr. Suzuki said that it was the first rice-harvesting experience in his life, and Mr. Aoki commented that he has only a distant memory of harvesting when he was a child, but both expressed a great joy in joining the event together. At the end of the event, Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Aoki called on the students to come to the Gifu Nagara Stadium to cheer for FC Gifu in soccer matches.

The rice harvested is sold at a sales store at the Yanagido Farm from November and part of rice is going to be presented to the FC Gifu members.

Mr. Aoki (left) and Mr. Suzuki (right)
Mr. Suzuki and a student tying rice in bundle

Mr. Aoki operating a combine harvester
Students with a big smile holding the autographed papers in hand
Group photo


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