Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse visit the Department of Pediatrics

On October 1, 2016, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Ms. Imaeda, Ambassador of Tokyo Disney Resort visited the Department of Pediatrics of Gifu University Hospital to cheer on the children fighting the disease.

Around 60 children and their families came to see them at the venue set for welcoming Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Both children and their families fully enjoyed watching their talk and dancing. Mickey and Minnie made friends with children by hugging, nose greeting and taking pictures. When they visited the bedrooms to see children who were not able to come to the venue, children were overjoyed at their appearance and let out a big cheer.

Children at the hospital often write their wishes to visit Tokyo Disney Resort in a strip of paper during a Star Festival in July, and their parents said that they were so happy to see their children's dreams coming true.

Mickey Mouse nose greeting with a boy
Mickey, Minnie and Ms. Imaeda are with a mother holding
her baby


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