"Informal Talk Session with the President" opens

On June 22, 2016, an "Informal Talk Session with the President about Liberal Arts Education" opened at the Active Learning Room of the General Education Building.

This session was co-organized by the Organization for Promotion of Higher Education and Student Support (ORPHESS) (Liberal Arts Education Division), and E-Plus (a student volunteer group: Education Planning Student Team) to improve the quality of liberal arts education of Gifu University and help individual students to realize importance of liberal arts education.

At the beginning of the session, President Hisataka Moriwaki introduced his own experience of recognizing the values in liberal arts education. Later, the students asked many questions of the President, which was followed by active exchange between the President and the students over the liberal arts education.

After the session, one of the students said, "I become more aware of significance of liberal arts education. As a university student, I want to appreciate every moment of studying on and off- campus." Another said, "It was a great opportunity for us to listen to the Gifu University's educational policy from the President first hand."

Serious discussions continued for some time, but the whole session was conducted in a friendly atmosphere thanks to a good student moderator. The session provided an invaluable opportunity to the participants to think deeply about the education of Gifu University.

President Moriwaki speaking about his own experience
Students making questions
Group Photo


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