Delegation from Lakehead University, Canada, makes a courtesy call on Executive Director for International Affairs and Public Relations

On June 8, 2016, Dr. Brian J.R. Stevenson, President and Vice-Chancellor, and Mr. James Aldridge, Senior Advisor, International Relations of Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada made a courtesy call on Dr. Fumiaki Suzuki, Executive Director for International Affairs and Public Relations. On April 27 this year, Mr. Tony Williams, Acting Vice-Provost, International Affairs and Recruitment of Lakehead University also made a courtesy call on Dr. Suzuki, and with the latest visit of President Stevenson, Dr. Suzuki and the President agreed with continued negotiations for a conclusion of university-level agreement between Gifu University and Lakehead University in the near future.

During the meeting with Dr. Suzuki, President Stevenson first spoke about the sister city relationship between Gifu City and Thunder Bay since 2007, and many common aspects between the two universities such as rich natural environment and the composing faculties. President Stevenson expressed his strong wish to facilitate both academic and cultural exchanges with Gifu University. Dr. Suzuki replied that he is expecting many Gifu University students go to Lakehead University to attend a short-term language study program during a summer break as the first step in building a relationship with Lakehead University.

After the meeting, with an escort of Dr. Mayumi Yamamoto, Director of the Health Administration Center, President Stevenson and Mr. Aldridge visited the Gifu University Hospital. Dr. Yasuomi Kinosada, Director of Medical Information Division made a presentation about the Hospital's pioneering e-medical chart system for the two. After the presentation, President Stevenson said, "Because Thunder Bay is a big city and its population is widely dispersed, the biggest challenge for us is to provide quality medical care for the people living in remote areas. In this respect, we need to have the system of efficient patients' data collection and sharing just like the one used at Gifu University Hospital."

After their visit to the Hospital, the two visited the Health Administration Center. Dr. Yamamoto explained the roles of the Center including emergency first aid treatment, health education and support for international students. The two later asked Dr. Yamamoto about the medical costs and the national health insurance scheme in Japan.

After their visit to the Health Administration Center, a lunch meeting was held at the special meeting room of the Central Administration Office. From Gifu University, Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Yamamoto were at present. In addition, from the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Mutsuhiro Shima and Mr. Raymond Co, from the Faculty of Regional Studies, Professor Kazuo Nakagawa and Associate Professor Kotoku Yamamoto, and from the International Planning Division, Ms. Junko Sugaya joined the meeting. First, President Stevenson mentioned that the Mayor of Thunder Bay and the delegates would visit Gifu City this autumn.
Professor Shima then introduced that the Faculty of Engineering is encouraging its students to acquire high-level of business management and English skills that many Japanese companies are expecting to the university students today. He said that the Faculty would like to send many students to Lakehead University for acquirement of higher skills in both businesses and English.
Later, President Stevenson and Professor Nakagawa talked about the details of how to proceed with concluding a university-level agreement and actively exchanged opinions over student programs and activities. At the end of the meeting, President Stevenson said, "Because Gifu City and Thunder Bay have been a sister city for years, both the government officials and the business people are looking forward to promoting the bilateral relations. I am sure that Mayor of Thunder Bay would be pleased to support a conclusion of university-level agreement between Gifu University and Lakehead University in the future."

After the lunch meeting, President Stevenson and Mr. Aldridge left Gifu University to make a courtesy call on Vice Mayor of Gifu City at the Gifu City Government building.

Courtesy call on Dr. Suzuki
(from left) Mr. Aldridge, President Stevenson, Dr. Suzuki
At the University Hospital
(from left) Dr. Yamamoto, Associate Professor Mitsuhiro Aoki,
Mr. Aldridge, President Stevenson, Dr. Kinosada,
 Associate Professor Kiyoshi Nagase
At Health Administration Center
Lunch Meeting
(from left) Professor Shima, Mr. Raymond Co, Mr. Aldridge
President Stevenson, Dr. Suzuki, Dr. Yamamoto
Associate Professor Yamamoto, Professor Nakagawa


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