International Students from Viet Nam take part in a Gifu local industry inspection bus tour

On February 16, 2016, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd, the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Tokai, Japan (VYSA TOKAI) and N&V Bridge organized a Gifu local industry inspection bus tour. This bus tour was also co-organized by the Gifu University Head Office for Glocalization (GHOGL) and the Job-Search Support Office of Gifu University.
The tour was joined by nine international students from Gifu University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Toyohashi University of Technology, Nagoya University of Economics and the Japanese language schools. From Gifu University, Mr. Ta Quang Duoc, a first-year student of the Master's Program, the Graduate School of Engineering attended the tour.

The tour participants visited the following three companies; Japan Insulation Co., LTD., Muto Seiko CO. and Tokai Powdex & Chemical System (TOP). All the participants were given a rare opportunity to closely observe factories, offices and product assembly lines of all these three companies.
They first visited Japan Insulation Co., LTD. The company produces and sells various products used for construction work, plant building, research on raw materials, civil engineering and shipbuilding by taking full advantage of unique properties of silicate calcium. Silicate calcium is considered to be quite durable, fire-retardant, and has heat retaining and insulation functions. It can also control humidity. Japan Insulation Co., LTD. is constructing a new factory in Viet Nam (operation will start in May 2016) and is actively recruiting international students for their business in Viet Nam.
At the factory inspection, the participants watched the manufacturing process of silicate calcium boards used as construction materials. They found that the trainees from Viet Nam were receiving job training with a view to working at the new factory in Viet Nam from this spring.

Second, the participants visited Muto Seiko CO. whose operations range from designing and manufacturing of injection mold and precision plastic parts to their coating, printing and assembling. Its trading companies include many leading Japanese consumer-electronics giants such as Sony Corporation, Denso Corporation and Panasonic Corporation, etc.
At the factory inspection, the participants closely observed the production process of automobile parts and electronic pens, etc. firsthand. Not only people from Viet Nam but also people of various nationalities are working at the factory and the tour participants actively made questions about the company's hiring policy of international workers. The article about their visit to Muto Seiko CO. was carried at Gifu Shimbun Newspaper dated February 17, 2016. On behalf of the participants, Mr. Ta made a comment for the newspaper, and the comment was posted at the same article.

Tokai Powdex & Chemical System (TOP) was the third and the last company to visit for the participants. This company designs, manufactures machines and equipment, constructs plants to produce powder-state materials that are used for food, chemical goods, medicine, ceramics and for the environment. The participants visited the company plant, and the designing department, heart of the company where workers engage in product designing by using special technology. When the inspections were over, the participants were invited to join the Japanese training session regularly conducted for the international trainees of the company including workers from Viet Nam. In this session, the participants enjoyed expressing themselves together with other trainees in Japanese.
After all these inspections, Mr. Ta said that he had an invaluable experience of observing the details of the Japanese companies and caught a glimpse of how international workers are doing their job in the workplace in Japan.

An official of Muto Seiko CO. explaining to the tour participants
An official of Muto Seiko CO. explaining to the tour participants
Group Photo
Group Photo


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