UGSAS Concludes Memorandum of Understanding for Double Ph.D. Degree Program with Kasetsart University, Thailand

On February 1, 2016, the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for a Double Ph.D. Degree Program ("MOU") with Kasetsart University, Thailand.

Kasetsart University is a national university founded on February 2, 1943, and is the first agricultural university and third oldest university in Thailand. Kasetsart University has seven domestic campuses including Bankhen Campus. The University is recognized as one of the largest universities in Thailand, with many departments where more than 58,000 students are learning about Science, Art, Social Science, the Humanities, Education, Engineering, Architecture, etc. Also, Faculty of Agriculture has an international course. Kasetsart University concluded educational and research partnership agreements with many universities in Japan, including Hiroshima University.

On the morning of February 1, Dr. Masateru Senge, Dean of UGSAS, had a meeting with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gunjana Theeragool, Dean and Graduate School Administrative Coordinator of Kasetsart University, discussing future international exchange and collaboration for education and research activities. Dr. Senge was later invited to visit Kasetsart University's International Dormitory and had a meeting with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Poonpipope Kasemsap, Acting Vice President for International Relations. In the meeting, they discussed collaboration for education and research activities, and this was followed by the signing ceremony for the MOU and the conferment of the title of Gifu University visiting professor to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vichien Kitpreechavanich of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science.
On February 2, the opening ceremony for the IC-GU12*'s joint laboratory for microorganisms, established in the Department of Microbiology, was held. Prof. Dr. Supa Hannongbua, Dean of the Faculty of Science, explained about the equipment that Gifu University provided to the laboratory and specific joint research activities with UGSAS.
UGSAS plans to hold a workshop on microorganisms at Kasetsart University with the aim of promoting the globalization of Gifu University and Kasetsart University, as well as advancing exchanges with local industry. Dr. Senge and Prof. Dr. Supa Hannongbua discussed prospective themes and dates, and the selection of the venue for the workshop.
During the visit of Dr. Senge to Kasetsart University, a remote lecture system for Gifu University's Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences and UGSAS was installed at Kasetsart University, and a communication test was conducted between the two universities. The successful result of the test proved that learning support for international students would be even further improved.

*International Consortium of Universities in South and Southeast Asian Regions for the Doctoral Education on the Agricultural Science and Biotechnology

Meeting with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gunjana Theeragool
Meeting between Assoc. Prof. Dr. Poonpipope Kasemsap and
Dr. Senge
Commemorative photo after the signing ceremony
Conferment of the title of Gifu University visiting professor
to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vichien Kitpreechavanich
Opening Ceremony for the joint laboratory
(Prof. Dr. Supa Hannongbua and Dr. Senge)
In the joint laboratory
Communication test of the remote lecture system with UGSAS
Visit to the proposed site for the workshop


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