"Avian and Environmental Sciences" Session Held as part of Gifu University's Point of Focus Lecture (Environment)

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS; Participating Universities: Gifu University and Shizuoka University) held the "Avian and Environmental Sciences" session as part of Gifu University's Point of Focus Lecture (about Environment) series for citizens at a cram school building near JR Gifu Station on October 24, 2015.

In this lecture, a wide variety of chickens, their unique biology, the way to conserve the species, and environmental factors that enable them to lay good quality eggs were introduced. The problems hiding between traditional culture and environmental conservation were also touched upon, taking falconry as an example. This lecture was held to introduce the research work of UGSAS and make it public extensively.

First, Dr. Masateru Senge, Dean of UGSAS, offered the opening address. Then, Dr. Osamu Doi, Professor of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences introduced three researchers who later gave lectures. The names of researchers and their lecture titles were as follows:

  • Assistant Professor Ryo Tadano, Gifu University
    "Chickens in Japan - From Ornamental Chickens to Germplasm Conservation"
  • Associate Professor Akemi Yamamoto, Gifu University
    "Science in the Molting and Eggs of the Chicken"
  • Professor Emeritus Makoto Mori, Shizuoka University
    "Conservation of the Environment or Traditional Culture: Which Should Have Priority?"

The lecture was participated in by 46 people (28 citizens, 6 students and 12 faculty members) who intently listened during the session. Question and Answer sessions followed each presentation, and many questions were asked by the participants concerning "cross-fertilization for species conservation," "what jidori(locally-raised chicken) means," "the best time for laying an egg and artificial raising," "the close relationship between chicken feathers and eggs," "the molting process," and "problems that lie in traditional ukai(cormorant fishing) and falconry culture." According to the responses to questionnaires that were collected after the session, many participants showed a strong interest in the environment, indicating their intention to attend the same kind of environmental lecture next year.

Dr. Doi introducing speakers
Participants listening to the lecture of Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Yamamoto giving a lecture
Professor Emeritus Mori responding to the question of a


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