Signing of Agreement between the Faculty of Education, Gifu University and Karlsruhe University of Education

The Faculty of Education, Gifu University and Karlsruhe University of Education, Germany, signed the Agreement on Faculty Exchanges on October 21, 2015 in order to promote systematic and organized researcher exchange in teachers' training and information exchange for educational research. Karlsruhe University of Education is a national university located in the southwest state of Baden-Württemberg with approximately 3,500 students.

The signing ceremony was held at the Faculty of Education, Gifu University. The participants from Karlsruhe University of Education are Prof. Dr. Christiane Benz, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Weigand and Prof. Dr. Mutfried Hartmann. Professor Naotake Iketani, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Associate Professor Tetsushi Kawasaki of the same faculty from Gifu University joined the ceremony. The Agreement came into effect after Professor Iketani gave his signature to the agreement papers entrusted to the delegation from Prof. Dr. Christine Bockelmann, Rector of Karlsruhe University of Education.

After the ceremony, the participants held a meeting to present an overview of each university and discuss future exchange plans between the two institutions. Lively conversations followed.
The delegation was later invited to inspect Gifu University Education-Faculty Affiliated Elementary School and Junior High School.

The two universities have already established a strong research partnership in the field of mathematics education, but the latest faculty-level agreement will pave the way for more collaborative work in teachers' training programs and student exchange through the form of teleconferencing in an aim to fostering personnel with extensive, global vision in the future.

Dr. Benz (left) and Professor Iketani (right) shaking hands
(front row from left)
Dr. Hartmann, Dr. Benz, Professor Iketani, Dr. Weigand
(back row from left)
Mr.Kuwabara, Associate Professor Kawasaki,
Professor Matsunaga, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Education,
Professor Imai, also Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Education,
Professor Yamada and Associate Professor Tanaka of the
Faculty of Education.


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