International Students Translate Gujo Hachiman Travel Brochure

Gifu University and Gujo City*1 have a partnership agreement for close and comprehensive collaborations in multiple fields. As a part of partnership activities, the International Student Center of Gifu University asks the residents of Gujo City to offer lodging to the international students who come to Gifu University for a summer school program. To repay their gratitude, three international students happily accepted the request of Gujo City to translate the "Gujo Hachiman* 2 Travel Brochure."

Gujo City has already published the "Gujo Hachiman Travel Brochure" in Japanese, English, Chinese and Koreans for foreign tourists and for promotional activities. With the cooperation of Gifu University international students this time, Indonesian and Thai brochures are now available to the foreign visitors. The three international students are: Mr. Kevin Tantono of the Faculty of Engineering (Indonesia) Ms. Prasomsri Hataichanok of International Student Center (Thailand) Ms. Kanittha Srimoung of International Student Center (Thailand).

In the process of translation, three did not simply translate the brochure from Japanese into their native tongues. They actually visited Gujo Hachiman Castle and other tourist destinations and worked their hardest to express their impressions and feelings in order to introduce the attractions of the city to the people in their home countries.

Two of the students who were accompanied by a Gujo citizen visited the office of Dr. Fumiaki Suzuki, Executive Director for International Affairs and Public Relations on Friday, May 22nd and reported him about the completion of the brochure in Indonesian and Thai. The meeting was joined by the Associate Professor of the International Student Center.
On the same day, reporters of three major newspaper companies, Asahi, Chunichi and Gifu interviewed the students. Mr.Tantono from Indonesia made this comment: At first, I was not quite sure about the translation, but it turned out to be a great experience for me and for the improvement of my Japanese. "I am growing more attached to Gujo when I saw beautiful autumn leaves and serene winter landscapes there," said Ms. Hataichanok from Thailand.

*1 the city located in the middle of Gifu Prefecture
*2 an old castle town famous for the well-organize water conduits for fire prevention

Students interviewed by the newspaper reporters
(second from left in back row) Dr. Suzuki (from left in front row) Ms. Prasomsri Hataichanok Mr. Kevin Tantono


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