Juni-Hitoe (layered kimono) Wearing and Experience: Japanese Traditional Costume

Gifu University International Student Center held a special lecture titled "Juni-Hitoe (layered kimono) Wearing and Experience: Japanese Traditional Costume" in a Japanese-style room, Yanagido Hall on Wednesday, December 3. Roughly 30 people including Japanese Language & Culture Studies Course students (International Student Center), other international students, Japanese students, faculty and staff members attended. It was the University's first lecture based on the concept of International Student Center "Experience the Real," and was held for Japanese Language & Culture Studies Course students who came to Japan in October as part of Japanese culture experience-based program. After Associate Professor Tsuchiya of International Student Center introduced the lecturers, the participants learned basic knowledge of Japanese-style clothing and history of Juni-Hitoe. Then Ms. Le Thi Thuy Tram (Vietnam), a selected student for Juni-Hitoe wearing, walked into the room wearing kosode (short-sleeved kimono), hakama (divided skirt) and a coronet as well as makeup. Participating students carefully watched how lecturers were helping her wear itsutsuginu (five-layer undergarment), uwagi (outer garment), karaginu (a waist-length robe worn at the top) and mo (a long pleated skirt) in an orderly manner. It is not often that this kind of experience-based program is held at the University. It became a great opportunity to experience the depth and beauty of Japanese traditional culture and it also contributed to enrichment of Japanese culture education, which is a measure for the program the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducts.


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