Nutritional Advice for All Students at Annual Health Checkups

We provided nutritional advice for all students at the annual health checkups. With cooperation from the Gifu Dietetic Association, registered dietitians interviewed students based on the report of a menu taken 3 days previously that was described by the students themselves. Appropriate advice was given to each student. Since dietary education for university students is rare in Japan, our approach is pioneering in this field.

Local media, including NHK, Gifu Broadcasting System, and Chunichi newspapers, were informed of this trial.

Flow chart of nutritional advice for all students

 1. Students' record their diets for three days during their annual health checkups.

 2. During the waiting period, students read the one-point advice card for diet improvement.

 3. For complete annual health checkups, registered dieticians interviewed all the students.    A brochure with one-point advice for food-style improvement was also provided to all students. Registered dietitians identified a good point and suggested improvements based on their report.

 4. If the students preferred detailed advice, the registered dietitian will ensure that the student receives continuous advice at the Health Administration Center, Gifu University.

 5. A diet survey of university students was statistically analyzed to determine the actual lifestyle of university students (Ethical Committee Approved no. 26-331).



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