Conclusion of Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement with Université Paris-Sud, France

Gifu University concluded the Memorandum of Understanding and the Memorandum of Agreement for Faculty and Student Exchange with Université Paris-Sud, France on December 16th, 2014.

Founded in 1970 as one of the 13 universities forming Université de Paris, Université Paris-Sud is the biggest university in France with extensive 270ha of campus ground and is located in Orsay, a suburban city of Paris. Université Paris-Sud is renowned for its world-class research activities and has produced two Nobel Prize laureates and four Fields Prize winning mathematicians to date.

Exchanges started between the Graduate School of Medicine and School of Medicine, Gifu University, and Paul Brousse Hospital, Université Paris-Sud in June 2011, and mutual exchanges among researchers and students have been actively accelerated ever since.

Université Paris-Sud is the first French university to conclude the university-level agreement with Gifu University and the number of Gifu University's overseas sister universities has reached 45.


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