"International Workshop in Bogor 2014" & "Lab Station"

The twelve delegates of the UGSAS-GU led by Prof. Senge, Dean, visited Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and Seberas Maret University (UNS) in Indonesia from December 1 to 3, 2014 in order to hold the first international workshop and open two new research bases of the IC-GU12*1.
On the first day, the workshop to develop local resources in natural products chemistry started with its main research presentations by 4 academic professionals, Prof. T. Suzuki, Prof. T. Mitsunaga, Assist. Prof. Y. Teramoto, and Dr. Wisnu Ananta Kusuma, IPB, in addition to the rector speeches of Dr. H. Moriwaki, Gifu Univ. and Dr. H. Herry Suhardiyanto, IPB. The workshop included other speeches, such as a research internship report by K. Yamauchi, D3, industrial R&D introduction by Dr. Arunasiri of the Industry Subcommittee*2 member of the UGSAS-GU, and business introduction by Mr. Ruslan Krisnoto of GGPC, an interested local company. About 110 participants paid close attention to the presentations and made an active discussion. The following networking session provided the participating students and researchers with a great opportunity to meet local industries for their/our globalization.

research internship report by K. Yamauchi
Presentation of the gift from Dr.Wientarsih to Dr. Arunasiri
after his lecture

On the second day, Prof. Senge and Dr. Ibnul Qayim of IPB, made a ceremonial ribbon cut for opening a new collaborative research laboratory "Lab Station" in the Biofarmaca Research Center of IPB. A newly-purchased steam distilling unit and evaporating/refining unit for the lab were revealed to the delegates. This lab will be operated under the management of Prof. Latifah Darusman of IPB for the faculty staff and the students of IC-GU12 members. It will work as a research base and contribute to the students/researchers of the IC-GU12 in natural products chemistry and its related fields.

Tape cut made by Dr.Ibnul Qayim and Prof. Senge
Commemorative photo with Prof.Latifah Darusman
in Lab Station of the Gifu University Office at UNS

On the last day, the delegates visited the other "Lab Station" in UNS to check its new equipment for coming opening. By the end of AY 2014, we will transport a mass of contributed lab equipment from GU to this lab by sea, and Prof. Bambang Pujiasmanto of UNS will be in charge of its operation. We expect this lab will function as a research base of the IC-GU12 for the development of environmental sciences. Also, the delegates visited the recently-opened "GU Office" at UNS that serves as a center of academic exchange between GU and UNS. Some faculty staff and students of the IC-GU12 will be stationed in the office in order to practice public relations for the UGSAS-GU and support our internship students.

IC-GU12 Lab Station in UNS

  • IC-GU12: "International Consortium of Universities in South and Southeast Asia for the Doctoral Education in Agricultural Science and Biotechnology", which was created at the initiative of Gifu University. Bogor Agricultural University and Sebelas Maret University is one of the members of the Consortium.

  • Industry Subcommittee: This is composed of five companies in the Tokai Region specializing in biological and biotechnological research and development. Its founding objective is to support the UGSAS-GU education and researches from the business point of view in order to cultivate doctoral students into highly-skilled professionals.



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