UGSAS-GU Open Lecture "Considering the Effects of Global Warming"

Gifu University United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGSAS) held "UGSAS-GU Open Lecture -Considering the Effects of Global Warming-" for the general public at a cram school building near JR Gifu Station on Saturday, October 18 (Participating Universities: Gifu University, Shizuoka University).

The lectures about high temperature-induced floret sterility in rice and the effects on the ecosystem of a lake and forest were open to anyone who is interested in environment. The aim of the lecture is to emphasize the importance of scientifically understanding the impact of global warming on agricultural production environment and natural ecological environment. This UGSAS-GU Open Lecture was also part of publicity activities of the UGSAS.
Following a speech from Prof. Masateru Senge, the Dean of the UGSAS, and introduction of three lecturers, each presentation titled "The Effects of Global Warming on the Quality and Sterility of Rice and the Countermeasures" (Gifu University Prof. Tsutomu Matsui), "Global Warming and Lake Ecosystem" (Gifu University Assistant Prof. Kohei Yoshiyama) and "Forestry Ecosystem Change Caused by Global Warming and the Ecosystem Response" (Shizuoka University Associate Prof. Masaaki Naramoto) was given. In the Q&A session after presentations, participants asked many questions regarding the effect on the quality of rice, the influence of acid rain, and the impact of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius rise in temperature on vegetation distribution. 30 participants including 22 residents and 8 students listened to the lecture attentively.

According to the result of the questionnaire survey conducted after the lectures, there are many people interested in signing up for an UGSAS-GU Open Lecture on environmental matters next year, and the survey result clearly showed global warming has been receiving much attention from the public.

Shizuoka University Associate Prof. Masaaki Naramoto
gives a lecture
Gifu University Prof. Tsutomu Matsui answers questions
from participants


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