Gujo Odori Workshop hosted by International Student Center

All doing
All doing "Kawasaki" pose for a photo session

The workshop for "Gujo Odori" was held at 1st Floor, Yanagido Hall on Wednesday, May 14th 2014. "Gujo Odori", a traditional summer dance, is one of local performances and is designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. 50 of international students, Japanese students and faculty staff participated in the workshop. This is our 3rd year of workshop, and it aims for promoting the exchange with Gujo City that has accepted international students for summer school programs and has concluded the regional cooperative agreement with Gifu University.

As a guest instructor, International Student Center invited Ms. Rie Kumazawa from Gujo-Hachiman Hakurankan (Museum) in Gujo City, the home of Gujo Odori.

Before the workshop, the members of an international exchange support group in Mino City "Sepia kai" helped international students wear their favorite yukata. Students wearing yukata tried the Gujo Odori in geta sandals which they had never put on. Even before the Gujo Odori started, students got excited with their colorful yukata looks and were taking pictures each other.

At first Ms. Kumazawa gave a brief introduction about the Gujo Odori and instructed how to dance "Kasawaki" and "Harukoma" that are the most well-known in 10 different dancing styles of the Gujo Odori.

All participants were moving their hands and legs with serious looks following the instruction and watching carefully the moves of the instructor. In the beginning, the participants looked nervous and the move was a little unnatural as it was their first experience. However, it got better in a short while, and students enjoyed the Gujo Odori with Japanese traditional festival music. It could have been a good exercise for students or could have helped to get rid of stress.

In the workshop, three international students were selected as a great Gujo Odori dancer and received the prize of a drawstring pouch from Ms. Kumazawa. To all participants, "participation certificate" was handed. Students did "Kawasaki" pose for a photo session and wrapped up the workshop which was a great success.

The workshop was meaningful and deepened exchanges between Japanese students and students from other countries through the Gujo Odori.

Learning how to dance
Learning how to dance "Kawasaki"
Dance practice for
Dance practice for "Harukoma"

International students happily dancing in a circle
International students happily dancing in a circle
Students selected as a great Gujo Odori dancer receiving a prize
Students selected as a great Gujo Odori dancer receiving a prize


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