COVID-19 Cases confirmed on campus

It was learned that one Gifu University student was infected with COVID-19.

The number of patients on campus as of February 25, 2021(accumulated total)

(Students) 14

(Academic and Administrative staff) 8

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation for our university policy not to reveal the student's identity to respect the student's and his/her family's human rights and protect their privacy. Gifu University has established COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters in order to prevent the infections by closely working with public health centers, etc. We remain committed to taking every precautious measure against COVID-19 infections.

For Inquiry
・Regarding classes, examinations, etc.: Student Affairs Section of each faculty
・Regarding class attendance, study and research activities, etc.: Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department 058-293-2133
・Regarding mental and physical health: Health Administration Center 058-293-2174
・Regarding PR activities: Public Relations Section, General Affairs Department 058-293-2009

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