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The Gifu University Hospital relocated and commenced operations in the new facilities in Yanagido in June of 2004.

The University Hospital provides highly advanced medical care as the sole university hospital and special function hospital in Gifu Prefecture; it has also been designated as a specialized hospital for intractable diseases, such as cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, etc. The University Hospital actively works on advanced medical care for the so-called five major diseases (cancer, cardiac infarction, stroke, diabetes, and psychiatric disease) and five medical services (Emergency Medical Care, Disaster Medical Care, Rural and Community Medical Care, Perinatal Care, and Pediatric Care).
The University Hospital has been designated as one of the Advanced Emergency Medical Service Centers in Japan, and the Advanced Critical Care Center in the hospital accepts tertiary emergency patients who need the most advanced medical care. Since February 2011, the hospital has provided a helicopter emergency medical service as the base hospital in Gifu Prefecture (406 emergency transport cases for FY2013).
Autopsy Imaging Center, Apoplexy Center, and Clinical Research Promotion Center for the Advanced Medicine were established in April 2014. The University Hospital strives to improve the quality of its medical care, ensures the safety of its medical care, practices team-based medical treatment and fosters physicians to provide the best medical care possible for each patient.

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