Animal Medical Center

 The Animal Medical Center is the only facility dedicated to veterinary education, research, and treatment in the Chubu region. In response to the increasing needs of veterinary practice in recent years and to provide advanced medical treatment that pet owners expect, a new ward and Linac Center were built onto the Animal Medical Center in April 2010 as well as the MRI Ward in April 2012.
 The center's new ward has private consultation rooms, a positive pressure surgery room which can also be used for brain surgery, and an intensive-care unit. It is an advanced facility equipped with electronic medical charts and diagnostic imagining unit. Also, a linear accelerator was installed in the Linac Center for the first time in any Japanese national universities, and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system is available at the MRI Ward.
 The Center's specialities are internal medicine, surgery, oncology, neurology for companion animals, and clinical theriogenology for farm animals. In one year, about 8,000 cases were treated at the departments of internal medicine, surgery, oncology, and neurology from private hospitals in the Tokai, Kinki and Hokuriku regions. The department of clinical theriogenology plays an important role in the medical care of farm animals in the Gifu district, examining about 300 cattle a year.

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