Vice President OYABU Chiho Receives the 'Minister of State for Special Missions - Consumer Support Merit Award 2024.'

Vice President OYABU Chiho (Promotion of Diversity and Gender Equality/ Promotion of Human Rights/ Public Relations and Branding/ Funds Management/ Library Management) (Professor of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University) received the 'Minister of State for Special Missions - Consumer Support Merit Award 2024.'

The Consumers Support Merit Award was established by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan to recognize individuals who have dedicated themselves to protecting and promoting consumers' interests.

Vice President Oyabu is responsible for consumer education classes attended by newly enrolled students across all faculties and schools at Gifu University. Additionally, she established the 'Consumer Network Gifu' and serves as its chairperson. Through this network, Ms. Oyabu engages in various consumer-related activities, ranging from consumer protection to enlightenment campaigns initiated by the Gifu Prefectural Government. Her role as the chairperson of the Japan Academy of Consumer Education, along with her dedication to the promoting consumer education and literacy throughout Japan, is recognized as a driving force for consumer education in Gifu Prefecture and beyond. Her consistent efforts to raise awareness about consumer affairs led to her receiving this distinguished award in 2024.

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Ms. Oyabu visited the Office of the President, and she reported her award to President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro. Ms. Oyabu expressed her gratitude for the award, attributing it to her long-term commitment to consumer education and literacy at the university. She also highlighted her involvement in consumer activity groups at the city, prefecture, and state levels. Ms. Oyabu pledged to address challenging cases related to consumer protection and safety, aiming to find solutions that benefit consumers.

President Yoshida congratulated her on receiving the award and offered words of encouragement: "Ms. Oyabu's sustained dedications to promoting consumer protection and safety has earned her this prestigious award. All members of Gifu University take great pride in this achievement. We hope that the principles of consumer protection and advocacy will take root in Japanese society under Ms. Oyabu's strong leadership. Additionally, we encourage the younger generation to continue her initiatives, ensuring the well-being of consumers in the future."

Gifu University remains committed to enhancing the quality of consumer education and contributing to the local community.

President Yoshida (right) and Vice President Oyabu


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