The Gifu Disaster Mitigation Center has been honored with the 'Grand Prix Association for Resilience Japan President Award 2024'.

The Gifu Disaster Mitigation Center, co-established by Gifu University and the Gifu Prefectural Government in 2015, has been involved in 'Gensai-miraijuku (school for future disaster mitigation)' activities since 2016. These activities aim to develop human resources capable of actively contributing to regional disaster prevention and mitigation.

In recognition of the center's commendable efforts, the 'Grand Prix Association for Resilience Japan President Award 2024' was bestowed upon the Gifu Disaster Mitigation Center by the Association for Resilience Japan (general incorporated association) on April 23, 2024. Notably, the center became the first organization within Gifu Prefecture to receive this prestigious award.

The center received recognition for its accomplishments through the 'Gensai-miraijuku' programs and its ongoing commitment to disaster prevention and mitigation. Additionally, it was praised for nurturing human resources capable of assuming a leadership role in future disaster and mitigation efforts.

During the awarding ceremony, Associate Professor KOYAMA Maki, who serves as Vice Director of the Center for Environmental and Societal Sustainability at Gifu University, highlighted the center's unique system. This system enables trained disaster experts to collaborate seamlessly in their efforts for disaster prevention and mitigation. Professor Koyama expressed deep appreciation for the coordinators overseeing 'Gensai-miraijuku' activities, as well as those who actively engaged in disaster-related matters by applying their knowledge gained from 'Gensai-miraijuku. She extended her gratitude to all individuals involved.

Gifu University remains committed to nurturing regional leaders in disaster prevention and expand the scope of their activities in the future.

Awarding Ceremony


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