Meeting between the Teachers Studying at the Graduate School for Teaching Profession, GU and the Members of the Gifu Prefectural Board of Education

On Friday, October 20, 2023, 13 teachers (second-year students of the Graduate School for Teaching Profession, Gifu University (GU)) made a mid-term presentation at the meeting with the members of the Gifu Prefectural Board of Education hosted by GU. Thirteen teachers are being dispatched by the board of education to study the School Administrators Prepare Course of the Graduate School for Teaching Profession at GU.

Thirteen teachers are studying how to find solutions to various educational issues faced by local schools and their community. Learning how to find and give solutions to educational problems is one of the core subjects of the Graduate School for Teaching Profession.

In the meeting, 13 teachers reported their activities in their respective schools based on their study at GU and received the feedback from the members of the board of education. The following were the members from the board of education:

- Mr. Nakamura, Director of High School Education Division

- Mr. Aoki, Director of Compulsory Education Division

- Mr. Takahashi, Teacher Personnel Manager, and

- Mr. Asai, Deputy Director

The members made many positive comments on the teachers' presentations. Additionally, they underscored the importance of a close communication among teaching staff and strong commitments by school administrators for a better educational environment for students. They also touched on the necessity of data-based explanations, external assessments, accurate evaluations for the teaching profession programs and their application by teachers to their schools. The members gave comments and advice to the teachers for a better performance as a school administrator.

The meeting gave the participants a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills as school administrators and contribute to society by addressing the problems at schools and their communities.

Scene of a presentation
Feedback by the members of the board of education


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