"Gifu Future Center (Environment Seminar)" with the Students of Wanouchi Junior High School

"Gifu Future Center (Environment Seminar)" was jointly hosted by Gifu University, Wanouchi City Government and Wanouchi Junior High School on Friday, December 9, 2022. Participants discussed how to realize "zero-carbon city" under the theme, "Declaration on zero-carbon: think about the future of Wanouchi Town" at Wanouchi Town Center, Gifu Prefecture.

"Future Center" is defined as a "place for dialogues for citizens" and people gather to discuss complex, difficult socioeconomic issues of today from the perspectives of "creating better future" and "producing new values for future."

"Gifu Future Center" on December 9 opened for 91 first-year students of Wanouchi Junior High School as part of a commissioned project by Wanouchi Town called, "Zero-Carbon City Promotion and Environmental Human Resource Development Project in Wanouchi Town." Wanouchi Town declared "Carbon-Zero City" in March, 2022. Before attending this environment seminar, students studied about the environment, carbon neutrality, etc. in integrated studies classes at school.

At the beginning of the seminar, a lecture was given by a Wanouchi Town official for the students concerning their efforts to realize "zero-carbon city." Students were informed of their commitments and missions to make Wanouchi a "zero-carbon city." Later, students discussed in groups what they can do on day-to-day basis to build a "zero-carbon city" in Wanouchi. Lastly, participants presented and shared their future visions for Wanouchi Town.

It is our hope that students of Wanouchi Junior High School continue working for the better future of their hometown with their participation of "Gifu Future Center" as an important milestone for their environmental conservation efforts.

Lecture scene
Group work 1
Group work 2
Vision for the future of Wanouchi Town

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