Programming Education Project Kickoff

At a press conference on April 26, 2018, Gifu University announced that a programming education project will soon kick off in cooperation with the Co-Creative Research and Development Center for Learning of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University, the Gifu City Board of Education, CANVAS (non-profit organization) and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

The Japanese government made the new guideline for elementary school education public in March 2017 which places an emphasis on programming education. With more people paying attention to the "programming education," our new project has three distinctive programs.

They are:

- "Basic Program" to get students familiarize with the programming education
- "Applied Program" for students to develop knowledge and skills for designing the programming education
- "Practical Program" for students to learn the skills for actual programming designed by the Applied Program, and to obtain "facilitation" skills via practical training such as teaching elementary school students

The students will use Microsoft's "macro:bit (single-board microcontroller)" and learn the basics and application of programming. "We are committed to educating our students to become teachers capable of providing programming education for children in the future," said Professor Satoshi Beppu, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the press conference.

It is strongly hoped that the students at the Faculty of Education will become highly capable of programming and teach their skills to children in the future.

Four representatives joining hands (second from left: Professor Beppu)
概要を述べる村瀬 康一郎プロジェクト代表(教育学部附属学習協創開発研究センター教授)
Professor Koichiro Murase, a project leader giving a summary of the
project (Co-Creative Research and Development Center for Learning,
the Faculty of Education)
Associate Professor Ako Imai, explaining the programs


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