The 7th Cryogen & High Pressure Gas Handling Seminar is held

Gifu University holds a "Cryogen & High Pressure Gas Handling Seminar" every year for teaching and administrative staff and students of the university to help them obtain basic knowledge about cryogen and high pressure gas, and to promote their safe handling and for prevention of any accidents.

The 7th Cryogen & High Pressure Gas Handling Seminar was held on April 26, 2017. Associate Professor Yasunori Oumi, Division of Instrumental Analysis, the Life Science Research Center, and Professor Takahisa Nishizu, the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences gave lectures on proper handling of cryogen and high pressure gas as well as precautions in their use through the cooperation from a major gas company, Tomoe Shokai Co., Ltd. A total of 287 people attended the seminar.

The participants learned a lot about the state of oxygen deficiency while watching the images of the past accidents projected on the screen. They were also intently listening to some key points in using cryogen and high pressure gas during the seminar.

In addition to their lectures, the audience was also given a chance to study how to handle a liquefied nitrogen tank placed at the Faculty of Engineering, and how people at the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences move liquefied nitrogen safely.

Gifu University seeks to create a safer environment in conducting science experiments by regularly holding these types of seminars and applying the knowledge to experiments and practical training carried out at the university.

Associate Professor Oumi is making a presentation
Seminar scene


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