Web Broadcast "Beneficial cooperation: Lithuania-Refugees-Sugihara" Commemorative Lecture by Dr. Simonas Strelcovas

 On Friday, December 11, 2020, a commemorative lecture titled, "Beneficial cooperation: Lithuania-Refugees-Sugihara" by Dr. Simonas Strelcovas from Siauliai University in the Republic of Lithuania was held at the university auditorium. Dr. Strelcovas discussed political situations, history of Lithuania, its relationships with neighboring countries, ordeals and tribulations of the Jewish refugees fled to Lithuania from persecution by Nazi Germany with the focus on an act of humanity by Chiune Sugihara (1900 - 1986), vice consul for the Japanese Empire in Kaunas, Lithuania during the World War II.
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Dr. Simonas Strelcovas
Associate Professor, History, Siauliai University, Lithuania
(former foreign visiting researcher at Meijo University's Faculty of Urban Science, Japan)

Dr. Simonas Strelcovas was born in 1972 and received his doctorate from Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. From April to July 2019, he was invited as a foreign visiting researcher at Meijo University's Faculty of Urban Science.
As Associate Professor, Dr. Strelcovas teaches history in Siauliai University. His research themes include the history of Lithuania, Jewish refugees fled to Lithuania during WWII, and Japanese diplomat, Chiune Sugihara.


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