"Gifu Future Center (Environment Seminar)" Opened for Wanouchi Town Residents

Gifu University hosted "Gifu Future Center (Environment Seminar) for the residents of Wanouchi Town, Gifu Prefecture on Sunday, December 11, 2022 (attended by 25 people: of them, 11 Wanouchi citizens, 14 Gifu University students).

"Future Center" is defined as a "place for dialogues for citizens" and people gather to discuss complex, difficult socioeconomic issues of today from the perspectives of "creating better future" and "producing new values for future."

Gifu University hosted this environment seminar as part of a commissioned project by Wanouchi Town called, "Zero-Carbon City Promotion and Environmental Human Resource Development Project in Wanouchi Town." On Friday, December 9, Gifu University also hosted the same seminar for the students of Wanouchi Junior High School.

On December 11, participants learned the current status of environment conservation activities now undertaken at Wanouchi Town. Young citizens and university students who are expected to play a greater role for the better future of their hometowns, exchanged their thoughts on the theme, "Declaration on zero-carbon: think about the future of Wanouchi Town." They discussed what they can do for their hometowns, and shared their future visions for the community. They were also encouraged to consider themselves as an integral member of society to bring "Zero-Carbon Declaration" to fruition.

First, two lectures were given for the participants. First, a lecture by Gifu University titled, "How to build a "Zero-Carbon City" in Wanouchi Town: reform rather than patience for the better future of our society." Listeners got some insight into what will be necessary to realize a "Zero-Carbon City." Second, a lecture by Wanouchi Town titled, "Towards "Zero-Carbon City: missions and goals of Wanouchi Town" which introduced Wanouchi Town's "Zero-Carbon City Declaration" in March 2022, and the town's commitment to comply with the Declaration.

These lectures were followed by multiple group works by participants. They discussed what individuals can do in their lives for the Declaration, and drew one big illustration to envision "Zero-Carbon Wanouchi Town" in the near future. In the following presentations, a number of proposals were made by referring to the illustrations. These proposals include how to reduce food loss, promote reusing, advance renewable energy technologies, and use of ammonia for electricity generation.

Lastly, Mr. KINO Takayuki, Mayor of Wanouchi Town wrapped up the seminar by summarizing the presentations and mentioning Wanouchi's future programs as his closing remarks.

We are expecting that each one of the participant can figure out and carry out what he/she can do for the environment, and realize their future visions for Wanouchi Town.

Scene of the lecture
Group work 1
Group work 2
Speech by Wanouchi Town Mayor

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