Completion Certificate Ceremony for "ISO14001 Internal Environmental Auditor Training Course"

The Completion Certificate Ceremony for "ISO 14001 Internal Environmental Auditor Training Course" was held on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. The ceremony was attended by President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro, Vice President SUGIYAMA Makoto who serves as Director of Environmental Affairs Office, and Professor YAYOTA Masato (Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences) who is appointed as chief environment manager. A total of 15 students were conferred the certificate for AY 2022.

All facilities of Gifu University excluding the University Hospital have already obtained ISO 14001 Certification, the international standard for environmental management systems. In line with ISO guideline, volunteer university staff and students carry out ISO 14001 internal environmental auditing every year. They check whether the university's environmental management system is operated in compliance with ISO 14001 standards or not.

Before auditing, participating students and staff were first given a briefing on ISO 14001 standards, and received some training from experts invited from on and off campus, and learned how to conduct internal auditing. They later joined campus-wide auditing and wrapped it up by expressing their opinions from their perspectives for environmental protection.

At the ceremony, President first handed out a certificate to each student. In the following opinion exchange, one student noted, "I am very happy that I could make some contributions to the university by serving as an auditor." President said, "I heard many interesting and unique views from the students about training and auditing activities. I am very proud of your participation, and know that you will make wonderful experts on the environment in the future. I sincerely wish that everyone is ready to address a wide range of global issues by making the most of your skills acquired through the training and auditing experiences."

Gifu University continues looking forward to an active role assumed by Gifu University students for protection of the environment in the years to come.

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